The Challenge of Education in a Refugee Camp تحدي التعليم في مخيم اللاجئين


Turkey Provides Schools for Syrian Refugee Children (video)

As the Syrian conflict approaches the end of its second year, authorities in neighboring Turkey have set up schools for refugee children. Most schools are in camps where some 200,000 Syrian refugees now live. But for the thousands who are living in apartments or with extended family, no schooling was available until recently. VOA's Scott Bobb reports from Gaziantep, 50 kilometers north of the Syrian border.

Education in Syria. (video)

Integrating Syrian refugees in Lebanese schools

Displaced Syrian Children Struggle for Education (video)

Syria's two year-old civil war has displaced an estimated two million people. More than one-half of them are school children. Some of the camps for the displaced are opening schools. VOA's Scott Bobb reports from the Bab al-Salama camp in northern Syria.


Effective Education' Practiced at the Syrian National School (video)

The principal of the Syrian National School in Damascus discusses the need for dynamic, student-centered curricula that can best equip the next generation of Syrians for the challenges of the future.

UNICEF: Supporting every child's right to education in Syria

AL-HASSAKAH, Syrian Arab Republic, 21 April 2010 Schools are similar across the world: boisterous students, playground noise and homework to be done.

But for some students in the Syrian Arab Republic, especially in areas such as Al-Hasakah in the extreme north of the country, education has been limited. And a recent drought here has compounded the stress on an already overstretched education system that has absorbed an influx of thousands of Iraqi students.